Battle of the students - Basket 3x3

by Studentensport Vlaanderen

The Battle Of The Students - Basket 3x3 is a 3x3 competition, organized by Studentensport Vlaanderen, with preliminary rounds in different regions and in the end a Flemish final in Antwerp on May 2nd 2023.

You can enroll in one of the two categories:

  • Open series: men’s, mixed and women’s teams allowed
  • Ladies’ series: only for women’s teams
    The last one will only be organized up to the finals if there are enough teams.

The preliminaries are organized by region, there are 7 regions:

1. Leuven
2. Brussel
3. West-Vlaanderen
4. Antwerpen
5. Gent
6. Limburg
7. Kempen

Each region chooses the way the preliminary round is organized. The winning team of each region will go to the finals at the Urban Day on 2 May 2023 in Antwerp. The rest of the teams going to the finals will be determined pro rata based on the number of registrations.

Studentensport Vlaanderen 2023 Battle of the Students Basketball 3x3

Who can participate?

All Flemish students can participate in the 3x3 competition. When registering, you choose in which region you want to participate. You can only register in 1 region, it is not possible to register in different regions. A team consists of 3-5 players who are students of a Flemish higher education institution.


Registrations open on the 1st of February 2023 and will be closed on 22nd of February 2023. Then the groups are assigned, and the matches will be generated. The matches of the preliminary rounds start on the 6th March and the last match day is the 18th of April (this can vary in the different regions). All scores must be entered into the system by the 19th of April at the latest so that we can decide in time which teams will play the final on the 2nd of May.


3x3 BasketLEUVEN

3x3 1/2/23 MenWomen

Battle of students, subscribe in Leuven


3x3 1/2/23 MenWomen

Battle of students, subscribe in Antwerpen

3x3 BasketBRUSSEL

3x3 1/2/23 MenWomen

Battle of students, subscribe in Brussel

3x3 BasketGENT

3x3 1/2/23 MenWomen

Battle of students, subscribe in Gent

3x3 BasketLIMBURG

3x3 1/2/23 MenWomen

Battle of students, subscribe in Limburg

3x3 BasketWEST-VL

3x3 1/2/23 MenWomen

Battle of students, subscribe in West-Vl.

3x3 BasketKEMPEN

3x3 1/2/23 MenWomen

Battle of students, subscribe in Kempen

Working method


Each team consists of 3-5 players (three players on the field and two reserve player). In the open series, this team can consist of a men's, mixed or women's team. In the ladies' series, a team consists of only ladies, if this cannot be organized due to insufficient registrations, the ladies can join the open series.

Player 1 is considered the captain and takes the initiative to register the team in the region of your choice and organizes the matches.

During registration, the other team players are added. Player 2-5 can be added to the team by the captain (via menu). These four players will receive an automatic invitation via e-mail and can follow the team and its results online.

A player may only be a member of one team during the competition. The entire competition is thus played with 3-5 of the same players.

Preliminary round

The way the preliminary round is organized differs per region. For more information, please check the information in your region.

During the preliminary rounds, all matches from your group will be announced at once. The way these matches are organized depends on the region in which you participate.

The captain enters the scores under "Current match" after playing the match.

Fair play

As this competition is played without a referee, the organization is counting on the fair play and sportsmanship of all players.

Contest rules

  • Fair play, there will be no referees
  • Home team plays in light colour shirts/Away team in dark colour
  • The team that gets 21 points first wins the match
  • Each shot inside the three-point line scores 1 point
  • Each shot beyond the three-point line scores 2 points
  • The defending team "shouts" the fault
  • There is no maximum number of fouls
  • No shot clock is used
  • For the rest, the current 3X3 basket rules will be applied (who starts, where and when to put the ball in play, exchanging possession, rules on free throws, substitutions, time-outs,...).


If you have any questions, please contact the sports coordinator of your region or Studentensport Vlaanderen

Student sports Flanders - Hanne Sterkens

If you have technical problems, please contact the support department of via the 'Contact' button at the top of the site.
Or directly via


The final will take place on the 2nd of May 2023 in Antwerp. It will be organized in the form of a tournament. The winners of the preliminary round automatically qualify for the final, the other teams are determined pro rata based on the number of entries.


Immediately after the captain enters the scores, the rankings are updated and can be viewed by any player on the team under the "Ranking" menu.

When you win the match, you’ll receive 1 point. If a team forfeits, it receives 0 points.

The teams are ranked as follows:

  1. Number of points obtained
  2. Intermediate duel (between the teams that are evenly matched)
  3. Goal difference (between teams that are equal)
  4. Goal difference (all matches)
  5. Number of points scored
  6. Number of points against
  7. Number of forfeits given
  8. Number of excluded players
  9. Draw