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Sportaniser Cloud Saas platform

Solutions for sport automation

Automate the administrative tasks of your sport in the background so you can focus on what’s important in your sport: your players and the game.

Public and private sport event management

Organise, Promote, Manage, Analyse and Evaluate sport events online.

League, competition, team and club management

Automate competitions, leagues and tournaments. Manage memberships, teams, clubs, newsletters, notifications, emails, analytics, invoices and much more.

Sport infrastructure management

Automate access-, control- and registration systems. Simplify infrastructure, people and event planning.


Event Management

Multitask creative, highly organised and personable sport events and provide excellent communciation.

Planning & Agenda

Establish standards for controlling, facilitate descision making and reduce risks in planning and event organisation.

Communication & Marketing

Increase your online visibility and enhance your online promotion with marketing campaigns and excellent communication.

Sport WebApps & Sites

Host sport applications and publish your club, event or league webSite or webApp.

Sport e-commerce

Digitize your commercial sports offer with webshops and e-payments to sell more.

Invoicing and Incasso

Arrange your financial e-commerce management from one central place.

Reporting & Analytics

Take use of measuring, analytics and reporting tools to analyse and improve your offer.

Artificial Intelligence

Adapt modern algoritmes to manage your planning, infrastructure and events.

3th Party Integration

Link all your other software and share information between them.

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Sport federations, universities, associations, governments, clubs and individuals.

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Client Luca School Of Arts
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Client UA Antwerpen Pluss Pass
Client UA Sportraad
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Client Vives Hogeschool
Client Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool
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Client STUVO Hogere Zeevaartschool
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