3x3 Basket West-Vlaanderen @ Battle of Students - Studentensport Vlaanderen

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3x3 Basketball


Studentensport Vlaanderen likes to invite you to the Battle of Students 3x3 Basket competition.

March-May 2023

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Brugge, Kortrijk, Torhout


Brugge: Sportcentrum Xaverianen
Kortrijk: outdoor court at VIVES campus Kortrijk
Torhout: basketball fields sporthal VIVES campus Torhout

Students in Flemish higher education

Teams (3-5 players)

of any level

How does it work?

  • First read the important information about this event
  • Choose the region where you will participate
  • Gather a team of 3 to 5 players and choose a captain
  • The captain subscribes, manages and submits your team results online
  • Receive all the practical information about the matches your team will play
  • Follow your team, matches and ranking on sportaniser.com

Practical information

Teams contact each other and find a place and time to play the match.


  • Brugge: Sportcentrum Xaverianen, Xaverianenstraat 3, Sint-Michiels; half a unit available on Mondays between 20h and 22h, only after reservation on www.studentapp.be
  • Kortrijk: outdoor court at VIVES campus Kortrijk, Doorniksesteenweg 145 (next to parking building I) & outdoor basketball court at the Handelskaai (close to campus The Level) & outdoor court at Decathlon (Beneluxlaan 1)
  • Torhout: basketballfields sporthal VIVES campus Torhout, Sint-Jozefstraat 1, 8820 Torhout (depending on the number of registrations)

The sports coordinator will contact you after the registrations for practical information about the games.

The matches will be played between 6 March and 18 April 2023.

  • Provide your own basketball
  • Fair play is very important
  • We hope you have lots of fun

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